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Scientific Anglers Mastery Headstart
Cena: 4.165,00din

Scientific Anglers Mastery Headstart
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Dostupnost: Na lageru Low Stocks!
Model: Mastery Headstart
Proizvođač: Scientific Anglers
Prosečna ocena: Nije ocenjeno
Cena: 4.165,00din

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This line was specially designed to make casting easier for beginners. The short head concentrates weight up front, which enables you to better detect the load on the rod


Easy-Fishing Taper

- Special taper – made half-size heavier to increase rod load for easier casting – is ideal for beginners and occasional anglers
- Quick-loading and quick-shooting for fast-casting big dry flies, hoppers, salmon flies, streamers, and nymphs
- Telecast bump on running line (see below) tells you by feel when to pick up and recast

Taper characteristics:
- Shorter head and shorter front taper allow easier turnover for longer casts with less effort
- The design also enhances accuracy
- Slightly thicker tip floats higher on the water to make fish strikes easier to detect

- Braided multifilament nylon with optimum air entrapment for minimum memory, maximum floatation

- Specially formulated 3M PVC integrated with patented AST – Advanced Shooting Technology
- Harder finish enhances shootability

Colors: Optic Yellow

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Scientific Anglers Mastery Headstart
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