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Special Perdigon Nymphing Fly Line
Cena: 3.570,00din

Special Perdigon Nymphing Fly Line
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Dostupnost: Na lageru Low Stocks!
Model: NymphLineRo
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Cena: 3.570,00din

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The Special Perdigon Nymphing Fly Line is a new floating line with a parallel profile. The diameter is very thin, aprox 0.78mm and was developed for fishing with perdigon nymphs and other very small nymphs. The line is soft with no memory core and floating coating. Because the line is very light can cast easy and can remain very sensitive even when very small flies are used. In fact the line was designed for fishing with Spanish perdigon nymphs!
The line has a nice olive-green color, and meets FIPS Mouche requests for competition fishing rules.

Technical Details:

  • special designed for nymphing with perdigon flies
  • perfect also for Spanish nymphing style and short nymphing
  • will aloud to cast small flies with high precision
  • the fly line is parallel with soft core
  • the lines have a beautiful  stealth green-olive color
  • aprox 0.55mm diameter
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