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Polarized HQ Clip On Eye Glasses - Yellow
Cena: 18,99€

Polarized HQ Clip On Eye Glasses - Yellow
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Model: Polarized HQ Clip On Eye Glasses - Yellow
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Cena: 18,99€

We provide high quality polarized clip-on eye glasses developed for fishing. These lenses are made of high quality poly-carbonate and coated with anti-reflective special material. The lenses are designed to provide maximum contrast and allow better viewing on water in low light condition!
The lenses has a simple and effective ‘Clip-on’ mechanism and allows glasses to ‘flip-up’ when not required.


  • UV protected radiation - high quality  filters used
  • high level of polarized properties
  • improve visual comfort in low light conditions
  • reduce at maximum water glare
  • improve contrast
  • visual high clarity filtes  used
  • visual high clarity lense  material used
  • UVB 95% blocking
  • UVA 98% blocking
  • high performance sun-protective  lenses
  • available in grey color - for fishing on lakes and open spaces
  • available in amber color - for fishing in low light conditions  ( rivers with  trees or for fishing early in morning or late in afternoon)
  • delivered with protective soft transparent case
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