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Selected CDC from Wild European Mallard
Cena: 821,10din

Selected CDC from Wild European Mallard
Klikni za veću sliku
Dostupnost: Na lageru Low Stocks!
Model: Selected CDC
Proizvođač: Evil Fly
Prosečna ocena: Nije ocenjeno
Cena: 821,10din

Dostupne opcije:

Selected CDC from Wild European Mallard is a product that we offer to our passionate tiers who are looking fr high quality CDC from wild ducks. Is well known that you can find no more than 10 or 15 mature CDC feathers for each bird. Also is well known that these feathers are more delicate and shorter compared with feathers from farm ducks. But the quality of these feathers are absolute fantastic.
The length of CDC feathers are not big, the range is between 2.5 and 4 cm only! The stems are elastic and thin, the barbs are beautiful, soft and delicate in colors from dark tan to dark grey with or without spots on them.
We receive the skins from hunters, we pluck then , check if they have blood or not, we re-select carefully by hand and we pack them. One bag contain 50 beautiful feathers, means 50 feathers from 5 wild ducks!
It is a discontinued product!

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