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Demmon Fly Fishing Micro Snaps
Cena: 428,40din

Demmon Fly Fishing Micro Snaps
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Model: Micro Snaps
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Cena: 428,40din

Dostupne opcije:

If you fish with nymphs and wet flies and you are looking after extra movement then you need a nice and very practical gadget : 

Demmon fly fishing snaps in size S. 

For streamrs size M

Technical Details:

  • will provide a much more movement for your flies compared with a regular knot
  • will increase the resistance because the  leader know is not so exposed to structure compared with a knot on a hook eye
  • will increase the life time of your leader
  • will give you the possibility to change fast and easy the fly without modifying the leader length
  • will not loose time  making knots and  making leaders on during fishing time
  • due the high functionality  this gadget is not  used in competition due the international rules 
  • 10pcs/bag
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